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cur·ric·u·lum vi·tae



Fantase Fest 16, Santa Fe NM
2016 - Produced by Terry Borst/OVF Collective, Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

2016 Outdoor Vision Festival, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Santa Fe NM
Composer: Trevor Snow
Video:  Keith Ryan Riggs

More than just teddy bears
2015 Winter Dance Performance, Greer Garson Theater, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Santa Fe NM
composer: Jason Goodyear

Evaluation: Banal to Transcendent
2014 Currents Media Festival, Santa Fe


2014 Outdoor Vision Festival, Santa Fe University of Art and Design


2011 Moving People Dance Center, Santa Fe New Dances.  With Echo Gustafson and Erica Gionfriddo

Compagnie Jocelyne Danchick (France):

Le Jardin des Souffles (Garden of Breath)

2011 Dieppe National Theater. With Vincent Lacoste. Compagnie Jocelyne Danchick (France)

The World in Parentheses (Le monde entre parenthèses) :
Deborah Zafmann Gallery, in collaboration with painter Marcos Carrasquer, Paris (February 2009)
Le Relais, Center for Theatrical Research, Normandy, France (February 2009)
Festival La Quinzaine de la danse, Brunoy Municipal Theater, France (April 2008)
Japanese Cultural Center Bertin Poirée, Paris (March 2008)

Breath cycle (solo Onenn Danveau - Berangere Maximin):

Festival Mercredix, presented by the Mayor’s Office of Paris of the 10th District (2007)
Three national tours, France (2005–2008)
Festival Electronic Music and Performance, Son Mi-Ré Chapelle, Notre-Dame de Fabrezan, France (2005)
Espace Jemmapes, Paris (2005)
Avignon Festival (July 2005)
Dublin Fringe Festival (September 2004)


La Taille, Normandy France (September 2006)
Micadanses, Paris (April 2006)
Dance-Week Festival, Brunoy (April 2005 & 2006)
Festival Nous N’Irons Pas à Avignon, Gare au Théâtre, Vitry-sur-Seine, France (July 2005)
Sampzon, Ardèche, France (July 2005)


Le Relais, Center for Theatrical Research, Normandy, France (February 2009)
Companie Beau Geste, Normandy, France (March 2008)
Micadanses, Paris (2007–2009) Breath Cycle (solo)
La Taille, Normandy (September 2006)
Lieu Mains d'Oeuvres, Paris (2000-2002)


Gare au Theatre, Japanese Cultural Center, Paris Mysteries of Love; choreography Magy Ganiko (2008)
Fashion show with designer Ashley Tyler, Paris (2004)
National Dance Theater of Manheim, Schillertage Festival, with the company Faim de Siecle, Manheim, Germany (2002)
Le Nouveau Casino, Paysages, with the company Faim de Siècle, Paris (2002)
Muffathalle Theater, Paysages, with the company Faim de Siècle, Munich (2002)
Lieu Mains D’Oeuvres, Spooky Night, collaboration with DJ Spooky, Paris (2002)
Artist residency at Lieu Mains d’Oeuvres, Saint Ouen, Paris (2001-2002)
Théâtre de l’Echangeur, Wok Festival, Bagnolet, France (1999)
New Performance Gallery, Desert Bride, San Francisco (1998)
Luna Sea Space, Bird Dreams, San Francisco (1998)


Breath Cycle (2005)  dir. Michael Roulier
Picnic (2001)  dir. Olivier Jouglet
Mur (2001) dir. Olivier Jouglet
Understand (1998)  dir. Sylvia Roberts
Desert Bride (1998)  dir. Sylvia Roberts
Edge (1997)  dir. Sylvia Roberts

My videodance work has been shown at Venue 9 and the New Performance Gallery in San Francisco. I participated in the production of a promo video "Return to Ordinary Life" for dance company Contraband, under the direction of Sara Shelton Mann, 1995; My videodance "Mur" was exhibited on the website of the French Ministry of Culture during the festival of French Language and Les Nuits Savoureuses, Belfort, I developed an experimental project using 3-D and dance during artist residency at Lieu Mains d’Oeuvres, Paris; Created a promo video for the Company Faim de Siècle in collaboration with Ibrahim Quraishi at the Bronx Museum of Contemporary Art; My videodance "Breath cycle" was featured at the International Festival of Videodance in Tel Aviv (2006) and the International Festival of Videodance of Montevideo (2007)


Santa Fe University and Modas Dance, Santa Fe NM (2011-present)
Moving People, Santa Fe, NM (2011-2014)
Workshops and performances with teens and special-needs adults, collaboration with Groupe Expir at the Relais, Center for Theatrical Research and the Clinics Le Ravelin and La Margotiere; Les Nids (teens), Normandy, (France 2009–present) 
Company class, Digitalchemy and the Compagnie Jocelyne Danchick, Paris, France (2000–2009)
Contemporary Dance for Children, Teens and Adults, Chorespace School of Dance, Paris (2004-2009)
Master Class, University of Paris VIII, Improvisation, Paris (2003)
Guest lecturer, University of Paris VIII, “Political Dance: 30s and 40s America,” Paris (2003)
Workshop for Actors and Musical Theater Performers, Three Penny Opera, New European Opera Festival, Paris (2002)
Master Class, National Theater of Manheim, Germany (2002)
Workshops, Improvisation, Technique for Professional Dancers, residency, Mains d’Oeuvres, Paris (2000-2002)
Videodance and multimedia workshops for elementary school children, teens during artist residency, Mains d’Oeuvres, Paris (2001)
Classes and worshops in contemporary dance and improvisation, various studios in San Francisco (1996-1999)
Dance for Children, teens, Oakland School district, Children’s community center, Albany Teen Center (1990-1996)


Creative Santa Fe.  Consultant for the development of a performance space in Santa Fe. 2016-2017  
Created art program for community art space, Lagorce, France (2009)
Developed youth dance and video projects for the city of Brunoy, France (2005-2009)


Research and methodology. “National Initiative for the Preservation of American Dance”
Grant to develop curriculum for a graduate course in Dance Aesthetics and Philosophy, University of California, Irvine

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  1. Jocelyn, Are you back in the USA now,?I am living in n Missoula, MT and have been teaching therapeutic horseback riding here since 2013. I use what you taught me to help my riders gain strength and confidence and balance. I will always remember with love our dance classes, and wish I could study with you again. Please contact me at Love, Kari Ann